Opiate Rehab

History tells us that the ancient Sumerians first discovered the euphoric effects of a substance they derived from the poppy, later known as opium. Fast forward over 5000 years to the 19th century, when scientists figured out how to isolate even more potent drugs from opium–morphine and heroin. Morphine came first and was ten times stronger than opium. Heroin followed about 80 years later–originally intended to be a milder, less addictive opiate, marketed by Bayer pharmaceutical company to treat coughs in children. Heroin was not less addictive.

Opiate Addiction Treatment

These plant-based opiates have plagued their users for centuries because it is so easy to form an addiction to them. Let your history tell a different story. If you seek substance abuse treatment in South Carolina for opiate addiction, let Southern Sky Recovery help.

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Opiate Abuse

Use of a drug not as intended is abuse. Although some opiates have medical uses, like codeine in cough remedies and morphine for end-of-life pain or after major surgery, if they are misused, addiction can ensue.

Heroin use rose during the opioid epidemic. The epidemic was sparked by pharmaceutical companies’ development of increasingly powerful synthetic opioids. Still, many people who ended up addicted turned to more readily available street drugs to feed their habits. About 80% of the people currently addicted to heroin came to it via prescription painkilling opioids.

Nearly one million people in the US self-report using heroin, and about three-quarters of that number are estimated to have a heroin use disorder. Add to those numbers the smaller but not insignificant numbers of people addicted to morphine and other derivatives of opium. The availability of opiate addiction rehab is of great importance in combatting drug abuse and minimizing the occurrence of deadly overdoses.

Opiate Addiction Treatment Can Help

Addiction is a chronic disease and cannot be cured. But professional addiction therapy and opiate rehab greatly enhance recovery outcomes, reducing the risk of relapse.

Opiate addiction treatment programs can provide:

  • A setting devoid of triggers that endanger the recovery
  • Medical and therapeutic professionals who can diagnose and treat co-occurring mental health disorders
  • An integrated, individualized treatment plan that takes your history and needs into account
  • Professional addiction specialists who can teach you sober life skills and offer you support and guidance
  • Peer support in group therapy and 12-step meetings
  • After-care that continues past discharge to ensure a seamless transition

Professional rehab is proven to increase recovery outcomes and reduce the risk of relapse. Let Southern Sky in Bluffton, SC support you on this journey.

Recover From Opioid Addiction in South Carolina With Help From Southern Sky

Opioids are powerful prescription drugs that can vastly outstrip the potency of heroin. Every day, people who misuse these drugs develop diagnosable problems with substance abuse and addiction. To recover from these problems as safely and quickly as possible, you need a professional opioid program. An effective program can also help you stay opioid-free in the future.

Need a trusted source for opioid treatment in South Carolina? Southern Sky is a premier in-state recovery provider. We feature an outpatient model that lets you incorporate opioid detox and treatment into your current routine. No matter your outpatient needs, Southern Sky can meet them. Reach out today for more information on how we can help you. Just dial 843.891.5693 or complete our online form to connect with someone today.