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Heroin Addiction Treatment Options in South Carolina

Despite the fact that more Americans are aware of the opioid epidemic and the dangers of opioids and opiates, heroin addiction is still on the rise. What makes people vulnerable to a heroin use disorder? Genetics often plays a role in who will become addicted, but so are social factors such as trauma, poverty, isolation, and violence. Plus, we know that even casual experimentation by someone curious or vulnerable to peer pressure puts them at risk of dependence and addiction, which can develop frighteningly fast due to how heroin interacts within the brain.

The first warning sign is tolerance, which means users need more to achieve the same high. Soon the body and brain become dependent on the opiate. The brain reacts to the presence of heroin and other drugs, including synthetic opioids like fentanyl or oxycodone, by shutting down its production of important neurotransmitters. Since the heroin has essentially replaced the body’s natural feel-good chemicals–the naturally occurring substances like dopamine that allow us to feel pleasure or contentment–the heroin user now requires heroin to feel any contentment, pleasure, or gratification.

At this point, stopping heroin use will result in withdrawal symptoms. For anyone gripped by addiction to heroin, a heroin rehab center is the best and healthiest option for starting the recovery journey.


Heroin Addiction Treatment

Heroin is an opiate street drug, derived from the poppy plant, that’s closely related to the prescription substances known as opioids. In fact, even experts sometimes group the drug in the opioid category. However, compared to true opioids, heroin is often less expensive and relatively easy to acquire. This helps explain why roughly one million Americans are affected by heroin addiction and/or serious heroin abuse. Together, these issues constitute heroin use disorder

Like opioid problems, heroin problems must be addressed as soon as possible. Fortunately, there are well-developed methods for helping you recover from heroin addiction and abuse. Do you or your loved one need help? Substance abuse treatment in South Carolina is a phone call away.

Southern Sky Recovery has a heroin addiction treatment program in Bluffton, SC, that can meet you where you are. Whether you need standard outpatient treatment or a more intensive outpatient program, Southern Sky has options to suit your needs. Find out more by calling 843.891.5693 or using our online form.

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How Does Heroin Addiction Develop?

What makes people vulnerable to a heroin use disorder? In other words, how do diagnosable heroin abuse and addiction develop? As a rule, problems begin with heroin misuse. Since the drug has no legitimate medical purpose, misuse occurs whenever you or someone else takes it in any amount. Reasons for misusing heroin or any other addictive substance vary from person to person. Common motivations include:

  • A desire to experience pleasure or euphoria
  • An attempt to escape painful or unpleasant feelings
  • A sense of curiosity and/or the influence of peer pressure

Have further questions about the development of heroin abuse and addiction? Get answers today from the professionals at Southern Sky Recovery.

Physical Symptoms

Eventually, you may become addicted to heroin. Many times, the first warning sign of addiction is rising tolerance, which means users need more to achieve the same high. Soon the body and brain become dependent on the opiate. The brain reacts to the presence of heroin by shutting down its production of important neurotransmitters. The drug essentially replaces the body’s natural feel-good chemicals – the naturally occurring substances like dopamine that allow us to feel pleasure or contentment. At this stage, you now need heroin to feel any contentment, pleasure, or gratification. Other symptoms of heroin addiction include:

  • Having a daily lifestyle centered around heroin-related activities
  • Turning away from other favored activities to make more time for heroin use
  • Developing cravings for the drug when your not actively taking it
  • Experiencing heroin withdrawal if you quit using the drug or reduce your intake


Behavioral Symptoms

When you repeatedly use the drug, it begins to change the way your brain works. Even before you reach a dependent or addicted state, you may be affected by diagnosable symptoms of heroin abuse. Such symptoms include:

  • Using heroin more than once in obviously risky situations 
  • Experiencing home, work or school problems caused by your heroin use
  • Not stopping your heroin use when it begins to affect your important relationships
Risk Factors

Risk Factors for Addiction

Genetics often plays a role in who will become addicted to heroin.  Environmental and social factors such as trauma, poverty, isolation and violence are also a significant contributor. Even casual experimentation by someone who’s curious or vulnerable to peer pressure creates a risk for dependence and addiction. Because of how heroin interacts within the brain, this can happen at a frighteningly rapid pace.

For more information on the common risk factors for heroin addiction, consults the knowledgeable staff at Southern Sky today.

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What To Expect From A Heroin Treatment Program In South Carolina

It’s possible to overcome the dysfunction caused by heroin addiction. However, you should not try to start your recovery journey alone. Heroin itself is unpredictable and often cut with other dangerous drugs and toxic substances. What’s more, the recovery process can be bumpy, or even risky in certain circumstances. For these reasons, the process requires oversight and supervision. A professional heroin rehab center offers the safest, surest way to successfully manage your addiction in the short and long term.

In a heroin addiction treatment program, you will benefit from:

A safe, trigger-free environment

When you are at your heroin rehab center, you are in a safe place, free from distractions and reminders of your life of drug abuse. You’re also surrounded by a safety net held securely in place by trained professionals.

A treatment plan

Your care team will create an individualized treatment plan so you don’t have to navigate your newfound sobriety alone. The plan, designed with your specific needs in mind, will typically include life skills training, medication and evidence-based therapy.

Peer support

The presence of your peers in heroin addiction treatment is well-established as a way to promote successful recovery outcomes. These peers have your back and help keep you accountable for your actions.  They can also become the basis for your post-rehab support group.

Dual diagnosis treatment

If any mental illness co-occurs alongside your heroin problems, you will need the advanced help provided by dual diagnosis treatment. This treatment is based on a coordinated approach that addresses addiction and mental health disorders together.

Want to know more about the basics of a treatment program for heroin addiction in South Carolina? The experts at Southern Sky Recovery are standing by to assist you.

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