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Relapse Prevention Therapy Programs at Southern Sky Recovery

Nobody wants to relapse, but it’s a common part of recovery. Returning to substance use after a period of sobriety is not a failure but a normal part of the process. There is always a risk of relapse while in recovery, but there are ways to prevent it from happening.

Southern Sky Recovery’s therapy programs in Bluffton, SC, provide a strong foundation of relapse prevention therapy integrated into the rest of the treatment. With relapse prevention, you will find it easier to remain sober even under challenging situations. For more information about our relapse prevention program, contact us today at 843.350.5769.

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How Does Relapse Prevention Program Work?

When you enter a relapse prevention therapy program, you’ll work with trained, empathetic medical professionals to develop a relapse prevention strategy specific to your needs. Relapse prevention focuses on developing skills, using techniques from cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) to help you identify the thoughts and behaviors that could lead to relapse. 

1. You’ll Figure Out Your Triggers

You will pinpoint the internal and external cues that may tempt you to use drugs and alcohol. This can include loneliness, exhaustion, places, people, and circumstances you associate with substance use.

2. You’ll Create Trigger Strategies

You and your counselor will work on strategies to avoid or deal with these triggers as they arise. These strategies may include: 

  • Replacing negative thoughts with positive, helpful thoughts 
  • Taking care of your basic well-being; eating and sleeping enough 
  • Anticipating when a social situation may be a trigger 
  • Confidently declining offers of drugs and alcohol 
  • Finding a sober living facility or other sober living situation
  • Reaching out to members of your support system
  • Developing new, healthy habits and patterns 

These strategies become your relapse prevention plan. Over time, you’ll develop new coping mechanisms and grow more confident in your ability to handle tough times while staying sober. 

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Relapse Prevention Therapy Techniques

Sober living can be difficult for people with substance use disorders, especially in the early stages of recovery. That’s why relapse prevention programs use diverse techniques and methods to find plans that work for everyone at every stage. 

Plans are tailor-made for each individual. They consider your level of outside support, any co-occurring physical or mental health conditions you are diagnosed with, the specifics of your substance use, and other factors.

Relapse prevention approaches may include: 

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), which helps clients change destructive behavior by changing unhelpful thought patterns 
  • Identifying any “thinking traps” or recurring thoughts that discourage clients from staying sober 
  • Family therapy sessions, where the client’s family learns how to act as a strong and helpful support system 
  • Coping with substance use cravings by “urge surfing” or letting the cravings appear and disappear without dwelling on them 
  • Recognizing emotions that can lead to relapse temptations and having a plan for dealing with these emotions

Each technique reinforces the client’s belief in themselves and their ability to succeed in long-term recovery. 

Despite the success of relapse prevention therapy, clients may still experience relapses. If this happens, they are encouraged to see the relapse as an opportunity to strengthen their coping skills and learn new, more effective strategies, and not as a failure. 

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Relapse Prevention At Southern Sky Recovery

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