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When a person struggles with addiction, they are likely not the only person impacted. Family and loved ones may also be affected when a family member experiences addiction. When a client makes the decision to become sober, it is important that they have a healthy support system. That is why family therapy programs may be an ideal treatment option for you and your family to begin and sustain the recovery process. 

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When you struggle with addiction, you are likely not the only person impacted. That’s true because uncontrolled substance use will typically also have an effect on your family and loved ones. Family disruption can be a serious impediment to your recovery. In contrast, a healthy family support system can help increase your chances for treatment success. That is why family therapy programs may be ideal for you and your loved ones as you begin and continue your recovery efforts. 

At Southern Sky Recovery, we understand the value of a family therapy program in South Carolina. To meet your needs, we feature a range of family-oriented treatment options. With the help provided by these options, you can add another crucial element to your customized recovery plan. To learn more about our available programs, call us today at 843.891.5693.

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What Is Family Counseling?

Family counseling is a type of treatment where a family meets with a trained professional. It is designed to help with issues that specifically affect a family’s mental health and functioning. The family and client are all involved in recovery, restoring relationships, and creating a healthy and supportive environment for sobriety.

Family counseling can help with a variety of familial issues, including:

  • Identifying specific challenges and how your family handles them
  • Learning new ways to communicate and interact with each other
  • Learning how to properly support a family member undergoing addiction treatment and in recovery
  • Overcoming familial conflict and unhealthy patterns of communicating

Evidence supports that people with family support are more likely to remain in treatment, stop abusing substances, and remain sober. Family counseling can also take different forms as not all families or family dynamics look the same. Family counseling aims to help both the client and their family on the path to recovery. 

Some types of family counseling are:

  • Behavioral couples therapy
  • Family systems therapy 
  • Functional family therapy
  • Supportive family therapy

No matter the addiction or family circumstance, seeking help and finding a proper treatment program is vital. Treatment is available to help you live a successful and fulfilling life with your family and loved ones.

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What Is A South Carolina Family Therapy Rehab Program?

Several forms of addiction treatment are conducted with you, your family members and a trained therapist. The common overall term for these treatments is family therapy. You may also see it described as family counseling. Family counseling/therapy is specifically designed to help with issues that affect your family’s mental health and day-to-day function. These issues may be related to such things as:

  • Relationship damage triggered by your addictive use of drugs or alcohol
  • Harmful family dynamics that helped set the stage for your addiction
  • The consequences of your inability to meet important family obligations

In family therapy, you and other family members are viewed as an interactive unit. The things you do affect other members of that unit. In turn, the actions of other members affect you. Therapy helps you understand this interactive reality by showing all participants how addiction impacts the affected person. It also demonstrates how the effects of addiction spill out to other family members. 

This interactive viewpoint is reflected throughout family therapy sessions. You and your family are mutually involved in recovery, restoring relationships, and creating a healthy and supportive environment for sobriety.

When it comes to providing effective therapy, the term family can apply to different kinds of interactive units. Your family may be traditional and based on biological kinship. It may also include non-related members you designate as your chosen loved ones.  

Want more details on the conceptual focus on family therapy addiction treatment in South Carolina? Talk to the knowledgeable experts at Southern Sky today.

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What Are The Goals Of Family Therapy?

Family therapy has several key goals. These goals reflect the specific and unique impact of your family on your success in rehab. They include

  • Using your family as a source of positive change that supports your recovery
  • Involving your family in your recovery as seamlessly as possible 
  • Developing ways of interacting that don’t reinforce your addiction
  • Helping to make sure that substance problems don’t spread within the family unit or in following generations

Achievement of these essential objectives requires such thing as:

  • Identifying specific challenges and how your family will handle them
  • Learning new ways to communicate and interact with each other
  • Learning how to properly support a family member undergoing addiction treatment and in recovery
  • Overcoming familial conflict and unhealthy patterns of communicating

For more information on the main goals of family therapy, consult the recovery specialists at Southern Sky.

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Types Of Family Therapy

Not all families or family dynamics look the same. This helps explain why family therapy for addiction can take many different forms. The full range of options includes:

  • Behavioral couples therapy 
  • Behavioral family therapy
  • Functional family therapy
  • Supportive family therapy
  • Multisystemic family therapy

Each of these approaches can be effective in the right circumstances. For example, behavioral couples therapy is typically available for couples who:

  • Have just a single partner affected by substance problems
  • Live together and/or are married
  • Aren’t affected by any additional mental health issues
  • Are free from major issues with intimate partner violence

All families can benefit from behavioral family therapy. The same holds true for functional family therapy. You and your family may also benefit from something called psychoeducation. This is the name for a therapy that helps familiarize you with addiction, its effects and its treatment.

Have questions about the available forms of family therapy? The professionals at Southern Sky can answer them.

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Benefits Of A Rehab Family Therapy Program In South Carolina

There are many potential benefits of South Carolina family therapy in drug rehab or alcohol rehab. Common examples of these benefits include:

  • Greater motivation to start rehab and stay enrolled in treatment
  • Better communication between you and other family members
  • A general improvement in the function of your family unit
  • The opportunity for everyone to heal and recover from addiction’s impact
  • Reduction of teens’ and children’s exposure to addiction-related harm
  • A greater level of support for your substance recovery

Even limited family involvement can help increase the effectiveness of your time in rehab. As a rule, the more your family is involved, the greater the recovery benefit. People involved in some form of family therapy or counseling are typically more proactive in their treatment programs. They also tend to remain in treatment for longer periods of time.

To learn more about the reasons for taking part in family therapy during rehab, contact Southern Sky’s experienced staff today.

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Should You Consider Family Therapy?

Should you consider adding family therapy to your drug or alcohol treatment plan? Chances are high that the answer to this question is yes. Families affected by addiction differ from each other in endless ways. However, they also tend to share certain dysfunctional traits in common. These traits include such things as:

  • A lack of expressiveness between family members
  • Poor family cohesion
  • High levels of conflict and disagreement 
  • Frequent and significant feelings of distress
  • Limited ability to adapt to changing circumstances
  • A feedback loop in which addiction drives family dysfunction and family dysfunction drives addiction

If any of these factors are present within your family unit, it may be time to take part in family therapy during rehab. Talk to the specialists at Southern Sky for more information.

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Turn To Southern Sky For A Top-Tier Family Therapy Program In South Carolina

Deciding to seek treatment and recovery is a significant decision that not only impacts you but those around you. More often than not, that includes your family. Restoring relationships in the wake of addiction is a difficult process. To support your efforts, family counseling with a professional may be right for you and your family. 

During therapy, a professional is there to help you navigate your family’s distinct experiences and the intense emotions that may arise. In turn, resolution of family issues can help you heal and create a healthy support network. Such a network can profoundly affect your recovery and ability to remain sober. 

Family therapy is a frequent element in effective addiction recovery at Southern Sky. Our many options are fully adaptable to the needs of you and your family members. They also work alongside our other services to help ensure your ability to maintain a healthy, fulfilling sober routine. To learn more about our facility and our programs, reach out to us today at 843.891.5693

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