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Psychotherapy Program

Mental health treatment plays a significant role in addiction recovery. In psychotherapy programs, patients learn how to cope with their emotions, develop positive thinking patterns and behaviors, and build a support system.

Psychotherapy programs in South Carolina are designed to help patients heal on an emotional and mental level. We at Southern Sky Recovery believe that by providing our patients with the tools they need to cope with their emotions, we can help them recover from addiction and lead happier healthier lives.

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Individual Psychotherapy for Addiction 

Getting a handle on your mental health is vital when you have a substance misuse disorder. After all, addiction is often a way of self-medicating mental health issues. In individual therapy, you will meet with a counselor one-on-one to:

  • Discuss your specific needs and challenges in a private, confidential setting
  • Improve self-awareness and help you develop constructive coping strategies
  • Identify factors that contributed to your substance use and understand the impact of these factors
  • Address the triggers you face that might tempt you to relapse—whether these triggers are external or internal
  • Create a plan to get you on the path to sobriety

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Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Many psychotherapy programs include a model called Dialectical Behavior Therapy or DBT. During DBT, you’ll learn to balance seemingly opposite perspectives and avoid the trap of “all-or-nothing” thinking. This skill expands your ability to practice acceptance and create positive change in your life. 

DBT focuses on four specific psychotherapy program skills: 

  • Mindfulness, or being present and aware in each moment
  • Distress tolerance, or dealing with difficult situations in healthy ways
  • Emotional regulation, or managing intense emotions 
  • Interpersonal effectiveness, or handling conflict and being assertive with others

DBT techniques can improve emotional and social functioning for people with depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, borderline personality disorder, and many other conditions. 

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We are an in-network provider with Cigna & Blue Cross Blue Shield, meaning up to 100% of the costs associated with treatment at our program.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy 

Cognitive-behavioral therapy, or CBT, is a psychotherapy program that helps participants see how their thoughts and beliefs affect their behaviors. CBT focuses on changing destructive, harmful, or ineffective thought patterns to change behaviors like substance abuse. 

A CBT approach can help you:

  • Identify when your thoughts are inaccurate or harmful, and teach you how to replace these thoughts with more positive, accurate thinking
  • Gain a better ability to cope in challenging circumstances without relying on alcohol or drugs

CBT is a goal-oriented approach that centers on finding solutions to your problems in the present. While other forms of psychotherapy help you deal with the past, CBT changes your approach to your current situation. 

Family Therapy 

In a family psychotherapy program, therapists meet with a couple or a family to address how each member of the family unit can contribute to better relationships. When one person in a family experiences addiction, the entire family is affected. A trained, neutral professional can help family members:

  • Process hurt feelings
  • Set healthy boundaries
  • Cooperate to solve problems
  • Identify their own roles in the family system 
  • Communicate effectively and clearly 
  • Learn more about the nature of addiction
  • Make plans for relapse prevention

In this setting, everyone in the family—not just the person with a substance use disorder—experiences lasting, positive change, which improves the group dynamic. When a family provides a strong support system, sobriety is likelier to stick. 

Psychotherapy at Southern Sky Recovery

Southern Sky Recovery is proud to offer a range of evidence-based psychotherapy programs for individuals, groups, and families. These programs are available on each of our treatment tracks, whether you’re in our partial hospitalization program or one of our outpatient programs. You’ll receive therapy alongside your substance abuse treatment through our dual diagnosis program if you have co-occurring mental health conditions.

Learn about which option is right for you by calling Southern Sky Recovery at 843.350.5769 today.  We’re here to help you heal.