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When entering a drug rehab program in Bluffton, most people begin with detox and inpatient rehab. After the drugs or alcohol have been removed from their system and they have started the work of preparing for a life of sobriety, most people transition to outpatient treatment.

This is where Southern Sky Recovery enters the picture. We are a locally owned outpatient facility owned and operated by people in long-term recovery committed to quality and comprehensive care. Located in Bluffton, SC, just across from Hilton Head Island, we serve South Carolina and the surrounding area by providing comprehensive and compassionate care.

We offer multiple levels of outpatient treatment, ranging from the most intense partial hospitalization program to the least intense outpatient rehab program. Call 843.350.5769 today to learn more about our outpatient rehab program and other outpatient treatment options.

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What To Expect In An Outpatient Rehab Program In Bluffton, SC

Southern Sky’s outpatient rehab program (OP) in Bluffton is the least intensive level of outpatient care and helps to prepare our clients for lifelong sobriety. It provides patients with enough support to stay sober at home and in their community. When symptoms are less severe, or the client is close to living an independent life of sobriety, outpatient rehab is a convenient and flexible way to get help with the fight against drug and alcohol abuse and dependency. Addiction is a disease, and most people typically require long-term or repeated care to achieve a goal of continued sobriety and recovery in their lives.

Outpatient Detox

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Outpatient Detox

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The benefits

Benefits Of Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Addiction treatment is essential to help the millions of people around the world struggling with addiction overcome their addiction and maintain a long-lasting life of sobriety. While addiction treatment is critical to recovery, there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach when it comes to addiction treatment. Receiving tailored treatment best suited to an addict’s exact needs is essential. At our drug and alcohol rehab center in Bluffton, we offer continued support so you can still receive addiction treatment while going about your day-to-day life.

Outpatient addiction treatment in South Carolina provides several advantages, including:

Flexibility to Match Your Schedule

Outpatient treatment gives clients much more control and flexibility in how treatment can fit into their schedules. Inpatient programs provide 24/7 support and care, which can be highly restrictive and unnecessary for those transitioning out of inpatient treatment but wanting ongoing support.

More Private

Outpatient treatment provides a more private way to still get the help and continued support you need to maintain sobriety without having to put your life on hold and explain to others why you were absent from work or school for an extended period.

Build Upon Skills Learned in Inpatient Treatment

If you are transitioning out of inpatient treatment or have mild symptoms related to a substance use disorder, but still need ongoing support to prevent you from relapsing, outpatient treatment is a great option. Outpatient treatment can give you the additional support you need to live your everyday life while still striving to maintain your sobriety.


While costs shouldn’t influence you between seeking the best treatment for you and your particular needs, outpatient addiction treatment is more cost-effective compared to inpatient treatment. Therefore, if you find that once you transition back to the real world from your inpatient treatment if you feel worried that you may relapse, rather than automatically going to inpatient care, outpatient treatment can be just as beneficial and more affordable.


Who Should Consider
Outpatient Treatment?

Outpatient treatment offers more freedom and is less restrictive compared to inpatient treatment programs. Our outpatient rehab in Bluffton offers clients the chance to continue receiving ongoing support and care for their addiction while maintaining a sense of normalcy in everyday life. Our South Carolina outpatient drug rehab provides a range of effective treatment options. You should consider going to an outpatient drug and alcohol rehab in South Carolina if you are looking for:

Ongoing Support After Completing Inpatient Treatment

Outpatient rehab in Bluffton provides you with continued, ongoing support even after completing inpatient treatment. Transitioning from inpatient treatment directly back to the real world without any additional support to maintain your sobriety can be difficult and overwhelming. Our Bluffton outpatient addiction treatment offers continued support so you can maintain your sobriety while leading a normal life. 

Balance Between Normal Life and Addiction Recovery

Similarly, with outpatient treatment, you won’t have to put your life on hold to receive treatment. While in some cases, inpatient treatment may be recommended, especially for those struggling with severe cases of addiction. For those who simply want continued support to prevent them from relapsing, seeking outpatient treatment can be a great option.

Community Who Supports You and Your Recovery Journey

Even if you do have a strong support system at home, your friends and family may not fully understand what you are going through in terms of maintaining long-term sobriety. Our outpatient rehab in Bluffton offers constant support, understanding, and care, so you don’t feel alone in your addiction recovery journey.

Your Addiction is Manageable

While addiction is a debilitating disease that can significantly destroy your life and relationships, there are phases of addiction (from severe to less severe). If you are only in the early stage of addiction and know you need help stopping your addiction from worsening, outpatient treatment can be a great option without necessarily having to put your life on hold to receive treatment.

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The team at Southern Sky Recovery is available to help you or your loved one in finding the best treatment options that work for your individual needs. Our program is rooted in a philosophy based on client-first care and personalized solutions. Call us today to start your journey to long-term healing.

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the six dimensions


Using the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) Criteria, patients entering outpatient treatment are evaluated to see what types of alcohol and drug addiction services are required. The ASAM Criteria are a valuable resource that addiction treatment professionals use to provide a framework for describing the continuum of addiction services. There are six dimensions to the assessment:

These six dimensions give a complete picture of all the issues faced, not merely the most obvious. Everyone’s path to a substance use disorder is different, and there is rarely a single reason for substance abuse. By having a full picture, the caring and professional staff at Southern Sky Recovery can address all substance abuse issues and any co-occurring mental health issues, such as depression or anxiety.

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Every story is unique, which means that the treatment approach must be tailored to the individual client’s needs. At our outpatient rehab in Beaufort County, South Carolina, we employ a wide range of evidence-based therapies that are proven and effective. When combined with our holistic approach to wellbeing as delivered by our caring staff, it gives the client the best chance of a successful outcome. Some of the therapies we offer include:

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At our Beaufort County drug rehab, we know that every story of addiction is different. Let us help you write a new story, one free from addiction, that ends in recovery and a life of sobriety. Reach out now to get started.



After outpatient treatment is completed, many clients participate in aftercare programs. These usually take the form of regular group meetings, like the 12-step program of Alcoholics Anonymous (A) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA). An outpatient 12-step program is a set of principles that assists people struggling with substance use disorder by providing individual action steps to lead them through recovery. The 12-step approach, even if not officially AA or NA, is a proven and effective support system for lifelong recovery.

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