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Addiction Treatment in Pooler, GA

Like all of greater Savannah, GA, the City of Pooler is significantly impacted by the drug and alcohol problems known today as substance use disorders (SUDs). By their very definition, these disorders degrade your health and ability to function. That’s true, even if their effects on you are relatively mild. Luckily, today’s doctors and addiction specialists have taken great strides toward SUD treatment. No matter your situation, there is an effective way to help you or your loved one regain your sobriety. 

Looking for high-quality addiction treatment in Pooler, GA? Turn to the regional leaders in substance rehab at Southern Sky Recovery. We take an outpatient approach to the two critical phases of SUD recuperation: detox and active treatment. With our help, you can succeed in each of these phases while still attending to your most important life responsibilities.

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Substance Problems in Pooler and Greater Savannah

A SUD is a mental health condition triggered by the excessive use of an addictive substance. The definition of this condition encompasses:

  • All forms of clinical addiction, e.g., alcoholism, opioid addiction, etc.
  • Substance abuse that doesn’t reach the level of addiction but still leaves you dysfunctional in important ways
  • The combined presence of substance abuse symptoms and clinical addiction symptoms

Compared to the residents of many other U.S. states, Georgia residents experience an unusually low rate of SUD exposure. That includes people residing in Pooler and greater Savannah. Still, more than 4% of all local residents have an alcohol-related SUD. Local levels of cocaine, heroin, and marijuana use are also significant. 

Have more questions regarding the impact of SUDs in the Pooler area? Talk to the experienced staff at Southern Sky Recovery today. 

Determining If You Need a Pooler Drug Rehab Center or Alcohol Rehab Center 

A doctor or addiction specialist can help you determine if you need treatment for an SUD. Cases of the disorder are identified by looking for 11 potential symptoms of substance abuse and/or addiction. These symptoms do things such as:

  • Interfere with your ability to control your drug or alcohol intake
  • Disrupt your ability to function in social, formal, or casual situations
  • Limit your ability to accurately gauge the dangerousness of your substance use
  • Change some of the basic operating conditions of your brain and body

At a minimum, a diagnosable SUD will affect you in two out of the 11 possible ways. Some severely impacted people experience all of the disorder’s symptoms. The seriousness of your specific SUD may fall anywhere within this broad spectrum of effects. 

How can you tell if you should consider seeking a diagnosis from a qualified health professional? Substance use disorders tend to produce notable signs of their presence. Particular things that may grab your attention include:

  • Frequent and/or heavy use of drugs or alcohol
  • Moods swings
  • Bouts of paranoia 
  • Unexplained personality changes 
  • Sudden or unexplained changes in friendship groups
  • Various kinds of drug paraphernalia 
  • Declining concern for physical appearance or grooming norms
  • Withdrawal from leisure activities that don’t involve drinking or taking drugs

These kinds of signs are not definitive. However, they can alert you to the need for SUD testing or screening.

Want to know more about determining your need for Pooler substance abuse treatment or addiction treatment? Talk to the experts at Southern Sky today.

Detoxing Prior to Addiction Treatment in Pooler

What happens when you begin substance rehab in Pooler? The answer to this question depends on the specifics of your situation. One major factor is whether or not you have an addiction-related SUD. If addiction is present, you typically need to start rehab by going through the substance detox process. This process helps you end an addictive cycle of drinking or drug use by:

  • Providing you with a controlled setting that makes it easier to quit
  • Supporting your general health as your blood levels of drugs or alcohol decline
  • Easing any symptoms of substance withdrawal that appear as your system clears
  • Protecting you from the withdrawal complications that occur in a small percentage of detox participants

Substance detox also helps you take a proactive stance to the next phase of your recovery. It does so by familiarizing you with the goals, concepts, and daily operations of active addiction treatment. 

Detox is a featured rehab service at Southern Sky Recovery’s Pooler alcohol treatment center and drug treatment center. Consult us today for more information on how the process works.

Treatment for Substance Use Disorders

Effective rehab is not complete without active treatment for your particular form of SUD. If you’re affected by addiction, you should transition into this phase of your recovery after completing detox. If you’re only affected by dysfunctional substance abuse, active treatment may be where your recovery begins.

Psychotherapy for SUDs

By a wide margin, psychotherapy is the most frequently used resource in active SUD treatment. That’s true because:

  • There are appropriate therapy options for every kind of substance use disorder
  • Today’s options are evidence-based and provide a known benefit in the majority of cases
  • Therapy can be used to achieve a wide variety of goals in support of your short- and long-term sobriety

The most useful forms of therapy are not the same for all rehab participants. To help you gain the greatest possible benefits, your specific options will be customized to suit your needs. The list of the most widely used psychotherapy resources includes:

  • CBT, or cognitive-behavioral therapy 
  • DBT, or dialectical behavior therapy
  • Family therapy

Therapy is adaptable to both individual sessions with a therapist and group sessions that include other rehab participants. Each set helps you strengthen particular types of recovery skills. This helps explain why many people in rehab participate in group and individual therapy. 

Medication-Assisted Treatment for SUDs

As a rule, to recover from a SUD that includes symptoms of opioid or alcohol addiction, you also need medication. A course of rehab that pairs medication with psychotherapy is known as medication-assisted treatment (MAT). Effective MAT can help you:

  • Stay drug- or alcohol-free while therapy helps you establish your sobriety skills
  • Restore some of the normal function of your brain and body
  • Reintegrate back into everyday life when your time in rehab ends

Like psychotherapy, MAT is evidence-based and has a strong track record for treatment effectiveness.

Want more information on active treatment at Southern Sky Recovery? Talk to us today for further details.

Seek Substance Abuse and Addiction Treatment in Pooler at Southern Sky

Substance use disorders are notorious for their ability to throw your life off-course. The safest, most reliable way to get back on track is with support from trained rehab professionals. Do you or your loved one need substance abuse or addiction treatment in Pooler? Southern Sky Recovery is your local source for comprehensive, outpatient SUD care. Whether you need detox or active treatment, our staff of experienced specialists is here for you. For more on our full range of rehab options, just contact us today or schedule a convenient tour.