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Men’s Addiction Treatment Program

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Addiction is a disease that is widely misunderstood in our society. Those suffering from addiction face a lot of stigma and judgment. However, it is a complex medical disease that many in America struggle with. While addiction can happen to anyone, men and women do have different experiences regarding addiction. Because of this, it might be beneficial to seek out gender-specific treatment. There are South Carolina addiction rehab programs for men looking to begin their recovery, including our drug rehab in Bluffton, where addiction treatment for men is offered.  

What Is a Men's Drug Rehab? 

It is important to seek out help and treatment when struggling with addiction. There is no universal or one size fits all approach to addiction treatment. Because of this, some rehab facilities offer men’s and women’s rehab programs. Men’s rehab is designed to assist men on their journey towards sobriety while taking into consideration and focusing on the specific needs and challenges men face in their recovery.  

Some differences men face in terms of addiction include:  

  • Men are more likely to suffer from addiction 
  • Men are more likely to abuse substances because of peer pressure 
  • Men begin abusing substances at an earlier age
  • Men abuse substances more often and in larger amounts 

Men’s rehab accounts for these distinct experiences and challenges. The goal is to create a healthy and stable environment where men can go through recovery while receiving help for their specific needs. 

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Addiction Treatment for Men

Men face different struggles with addiction, so addiction treatment for men is designed to help them meet their specific needs. For example, men face societal and cultural expectations that can hinder their recovery. Many men are taught not to express their emotions or to avoid appearing weak. However, it is important that a client seeks help when they need it. Addiction treatment for men helps clients feel more comfortable opening up and feel okay about asking for support.  

In addition, men may deal with additional anger issues or past traumas that are unique to men. Addiction treatment for men looks to guide men through these distinct challenges to better prepare them for a life of sobriety. A men’s addiction treatment program can include behavioral therapy as well as group therapy, where men can feel more comfortable expressing themselves in a group setting of only men.  

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Understanding Gender-Specific Treatment 

Evidence suggests that men and women have distinct addiction and recovery experiences. There are key gender differences in addiction which means that their susceptibility and the challenges they face are different. Because of these differences, gender-specific treatment programs can be beneficial for clients.  

Men and women experience differences in the rate of dependence, choice of substance, and how their brain responds to substance use. In addition, men and women typically have varied reasons for substance abuse and different circumstances that can make staying sober difficult. Therefore, gender-specific treatment may be beneficial in a client’s path toward recovery because it takes these differences into consideration to ensure clients are successful in their sobriety. 

Understanding Trends in Substance Abuse in Men

Men face a variety of societal and cultural differences from women when it comes to addiction. Various trends point to gender-specific differences between men and women when it comes to substance abuse and addiction, including:

  • Men are more likely than women to try all types of illegal drugs.
  • In most age groups, men experience higher rates of use and dependence on drugs than women.
  • Men (in most age groups) experience higher rates of alcohol use, including binge drinking.

The above facts highlight not only how men are more likely to abuse and become addicted to drugs and alcohol, but men, in general, are more likely to experiment with a variety of different drugs compared to women.

While it’s clear men struggle with alcohol and drug addiction, men may feel hesitant to seek treatment for their addiction. This likely is to blame for men not wanting to be perceived as “weak” for needing outside help to treat their substance use disorder. This trend of men feeling hesitant to seek treatment for their mental disorders isn’t new. The CDC reported data from a National Health Interview Survey, which found that women were more likely to receive mental health treatment than men

Addiction treatment is designed to help clients of any gender, age, or socioeconomic background take back their life and break free of addiction for good. Seeking help for your addiction isn’t a sign of weakness. Rather, seeking addiction treatment shows a sense of resilience, strength, and integrity that you are willing to accept you have a problem and are willing to make actionable steps towards taking back control over your life. Seeking addiction treatment and living a lasting life of sobriety helps you become a better father, brother, son, and friend to those necessary in your life.

Our men’s addiction treatment in South Carolina is here to help you every step of the way in your recovery journey. At our South Carolina men’s drug rehab, we offer gender-specific treatment programs so you can effectively overcome your addiction.

Benefits of Gender-Specific Treatment For Men

Our men’s addiction treatment in South Carolina provides our male clients with the exact care and support they need to overcome their addiction and live a lasting life of sobriety. 

Men face many different challenges and stigmas than women when it comes to struggling with addiction and seeking help for their addiction. For example, because society views men as the “providers” of their family and community, men may feel less inclined to seek help for their addiction for fear of judgment or look “weak” in the eyes of others. 

This is just one example of why a South Carolina men’s drug rehab center can help provide men with the level of understanding, support, and care essential to break free of their addiction.

Some benefits of seeking gender-specific treatment at our men’s addiction treatment in South Carolina include:

Peer Support and Sense of Understanding

At our men’s substance abuse treatment in South Carolina, you’ll be surrounded by other male recovering addicts who share similar experiences as you.

Safe Space to be Vulnerable

It can sometimes be difficult to open up and be vulnerable, especially when it comes to addressing your history of addiction. At our South Carolina men’s addiction treatment program, you’ll be surrounded by a community of men who share similar stories as you, which helps encourage you to open up about your addiction and connect with others.

Address Gender-Specific Issues

Because men and women typically abuse drugs and alcohol for different reasons, learning more about gender-specific issues of why men abuse drugs in the first place can help you connect and relate to your personal experiences of why you may have abused drugs or alcohol.

Shared Connection During Group Therapy Sessions

Group therapy can be a great way to open up and feel less alone when it comes to suffering from addiction. However, you only get out of group therapy what you give. Having men-only group therapy sessions encourages men to feel more comfortable talking openly and honestly about their addiction. 

Discover Men's Addiction Treatment Program in Beaufort County

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, the best thing to do is seek help. Our men’s drug rehab in Bluffton, South Carolina, is an addiction treatment facility where we are dedicated to giving quality and comprehensive care. We offer our clients many programs and services, including men’s addiction treatment. Men can feel comfortable and safe in their recovery journey where their specific needs can be met. 

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