About Us

Southern Sky Recovery, located in Bluffton, South Carolina, offers substance use disorder (SUD) treatment services on an outpatient basis. We have a highly trained and professional staff dedicated to individualized treatment based on each client’s specific needs. Substance use disorder is personal, and everyone’s story is different.

Your Story. Your Treatment. That perspective informs our approach to treating substance use disorder and the mental health issues that often accompany SUD. We offer a range of programs with different levels of care that offer a combination of proven therapeutic techniques to combat substance use disorder.

At Southern Sky Recovery, we believe your story is not written in stone. Call us at 843.350.5769 or contact us online to start living a life of recovery.

An Outpatient Addiction Treatment Center in South Carolina’s Coastal Region

Bluffton is situated across from Hilton Head Island, less than 30 miles from Savannah, Georgia, and about 100 miles from Charleston, South Carolina. With a historic Old Town, numerous historical buildings, museums, and cultural attractions, the town offers plenty of activities suitable for sober living. Excellent shopping and dining options are available, and the coastal location means activities such as fishing or boating are easily accessible.

Nearby residents of the coastal communities and throughout the state will find quality, compassionate care at Southern Sky Recovery’s outpatient SUD treatment center in South Carolina.

Outpatient Programs at Southern Sky Recovery

Southern Sky Recovery provides a variety of programs and therapies for outpatient SUD treatment. We are committed to an individualized treatment approach, especially since mental health disorders often accompany substance abuse. Outpatient substance use disorder therapy allows our clients flexibility to attend to obligations in their work, home, or school lives.

We offer three levels of outpatient care in increasing levels of intensity and structure:

The increase in structure and intensity is based on how much support and care an individual requires. An individual with a long history of battling drug or alcohol use may need a highly structured program that fills most of the day with activities focused on coping with triggers, changing thoughts and behaviors, or sharing experiences with others. In this case, a PHP is a perfect choice. Another client may simply need OP sessions to check in with trusted staff and be held accountable but otherwise lives an independent life of recovery.

It all depends on the individual, and the program may change as the client progresses through treatment. Additional services and programs are also offered, including:

  • Substance Use Disorder Assessments
  • Alcohol Addiction Rehab
  • Co-occurring Rehab
  • Aftercare

Learn More About Southern Sky Recovery in South Carolina

Are you or a loved one struggling with addiction and seeking an outpatient treatment center in South Carolina?

Southern Sky Recovery is ready to help. Our convenient location near Hilton Head Island situates us perfectly between Savannah and Charleston. If you live in the region and need outpatient treatment services, we offer a range of programs and therapies to treat most substance use disorders or co-occurring mental health disorders that often accompany substance abuse.

Our outpatient programs will provide you with flexibility so you can attend to work, family, or school duties. Whether you need the intensity and structure of a partial hospitalization program or the less demanding but still structured intensive outpatient program, you will find qualified, caring staff to guide you through your treatment.

Treatment includes evidence-based therapies like cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, anger management, and aftercare, all tailored to your needs and conditions. Call Southern Sky Recovery today at 843.350.5769 to learn more about us and how we can help you write a story of recovery.