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Meditative Therapy Programs at Southern Sky Recovery

Therapy is an integral part of addiction recovery. Southern Sky Recovery’s programs for addiction counseling in South Carolina have a range of therapy options to fit the unique needs of each client. Many programs use mindfulness techniques as part of their toolkit, such as the mindfulness element of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). Meditative therapy is one mindfulness-related technique that can have powerful positive effects.

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What Is A Meditative Therapy Program?

Meditative therapy, also called meditation therapy, is a relaxation practice where clients focus on the present moment. They may center their attention on a certain image, sound, phrase, or simply focus on their surroundings.

There are both physical and psychological benefits to a meditative therapy program. Meditation can lower blood pressure, help with hypertension, regulate breathing patterns, and reduce stress. Just as importantly, meditative therapy programs can help participants think about their lives differently, leading to improved self-confidence and positive behavioral changes. With meditation and addiction, an empowered mindset and willingness to change can be crucial to sustaining sobriety. Clients can get closer to this empowerment through meditation.

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Activities In Meditative Therapy Programs

Meditation comes in many different forms. For instance, some meditations are guided, where a practitioner leads clients in an exercise. Some are unguided, where clients practice meditating on their own. Someone entering a meditative therapy program may want to try different approaches to meditation to see what works for them. Each approach uses quiet surroundings with as few distractions as possible.
Specific meditative therapy techniques include:

  • Mindfulness meditation – Focusing on an individual’s sensory experience of their surroundings and environment, including the way their body feels.
  • Breathing exercises – Participants slow down their breath or breathe in a rhythm.
  • Transcendental meditation – Encourages participants to calm their minds and focus on their inner state.
  • Stillness meditation – Designed to relieve stress and anxiety through being still.
  • Somatic meditation – Participants identify and release tension in their bodies.
  • Progressive muscle relaxation – Participants practice relaxing the muscles in their bodies.
  • Yoga therapy – Participants practice intentional, conscious movement.

Meditative therapy sessions may use various techniques depending on the client’s mood and preferences.

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How Are Meditation And Addiction Recovery Related?

A meditative therapy program can help relieve cravings for substances like drugs and alcohol. Meditation encourages relaxation by releasing “feel-good” chemicals such as endorphins and dopamine, the same chemicals released in addictive substances. Clients coping with withdrawal symptoms can get some relief through meditative practices.

Meditation also helps relieve negative emotions such as stress, anxiety, and hopelessness, which can be significant drivers of substance abuse. People with substance use disorders often get stuck in negative “feedback loops” where their distress contributes to their addiction. Through meditative therapy, clients develop new skills to handle these emotions when they arise. They can break out of feedback loops by intentionally refocusing their attention in a meditative session. They practice dealing with difficult feelings and experiences without the use of substances. Meditation can ultimately help change how someone thinks about past events and solves future problems.

A meditation practice calms and grounds the brain, helping participants achieve feelings of peace and well-being. Participants may improve their self-esteem and sense of self-efficacy to become more motivated to stick with sobriety. Additionally, meditation improves attention and concentration. These skills are essential to committing to and following through with a long-term recovery program.

For clients with dual diagnoses, a meditative therapy program can effectively reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety disorders, PTSD, chronic pain, and other health conditions.

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Meditative Therapy Program In Bluffton, SC

At Southern Sky Recovery, you’ll find a variety of therapeutic techniques, including meditation, available to help you or someone you love break free from addiction. Our partial hospitalization and outpatient programs are run by healthcare professionals who have done the work of long-term recovery themselves. Whether you’re recovering from alcohol or drug use, our outpatient therapies can provide help and hope.

In addition to holistic therapies, we offer dual diagnosis treatment, family therapy, anger management, and various other treatments. If you want to learn more about meditative therapy or other therapies for addiction, call 843.350.5769 or reach out online.

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