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Every day, lives in Savannah, Georgia, are seriously affected by drug and alcohol problems. These problems often involve clinical, diagnosable substance addiction. They may also include significant impairments caused by non-addicted substance abuse. What’s more, the symptoms of these two related health issues can arise together in a multitude of ways. Are you or your loved one affected by addiction, abuse or mixed symptoms of both conditions? The most reliable and effective path to a durable recovery is professional addiction treatment.

Need a trusted provider of addiction treatment in Savannah, GA? Call on the time-tested expertise of Southern Sky Recovery. At Southern Sky Recovery, we feature outpatient resources for substance detox and active substance rehab. With our customized guidance and support, you can reach sobriety and learn how to manage the chronic effects of addiction.

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How Addiction Impacts Society

Facts About Addiction in Savannah, GA

Savannah is located in Chatham County, Georgia. Direct statistics on the rate of substance problems within that county are unavailable. However, such statistics are available on a statewide level. Recent figures show that roughly 500,000 Georgians have a diagnosable substance use disorder. This is equivalent to almost 6% of all preteens, teenagers and adults. While daunting, these figures place the state considerably below the national average for substance abuse and addiction. Without a doubt, a substantial percentage of substance problems in Georgia occur among the 400,000-plus residents of greater Savannah.

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The Goals of Addiction Treatment in Savannah, GA

At one time, there was no reliable guidance on how to recover from substance problems. But those days are in the past. Today, experienced addiction specialists base their rehab services on some well-developed concepts. First and foremost, these concepts state that while addiction is chronic, it’s also manageable with treatment. That’s true even if you’re severely affected by drug or alcohol problems. Other fundamentals that guide modern care include:

  • Beginning the recovery process with a period of substance detoxification
  • Using customized treatments that fit the needs of each individual
  • Adjusting those treatments as circumstances change
  • Making effective use of evidence-based therapy and medication options
  • Spending enough time in treatment to achieve the best possible results

The initial goal of the care you receive is to help you reach a substance-free state. Once you reach this state, the goal shifts to helping your maintain short- and long-term sobriety.

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Getting Help for You or a Loved One

Getting Substance Abuse Help in Savannah, Georgia

Are you concerned that you or your loved one may need substance treatment? Official determinations of such a need are made by trained professionals. But how can you tell if you should make plans to consult a doctor or addiction specialist? A person affected by addiction or serious substance abuse will likely exhibit certain signs that deserve your close attention. These signs may affect your or your loved one:

  • Physical health or appearance
  • Everyday behavior
  • Day-to-day mental state

Physical indications you may notice include unexplained changes in grooming habits or appearance. They also include eye redness, problems speaking clearly, a chronic runny nose, and the presence of strange odors. 

Key behavior changes include such things as:

  • Self-medicating with drugs or alcohol
  • Losing the ability to control the intake of a given substance
  • Repeatedly drinking or taking drugs while involved in risky activities
  • Making drug or alcohol use the focus of a daily routine
  • Having significant personal problems stemming from substance use

Telltale mental health changes you may observe include mood swings, paranoia, anxiousness and bouts of excessive anger. They also include a sudden lack of ambition or other unexpected personality changes.

In addition, there are potential warning signs specific to each type of addictive substance. To find out more about them, consult the well-informed staff at Southern Sky for further details.

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What to Expect from a Savannah Drug Treatment Center


If you have drugs or alcohol in your system, you need to eliminate them before you can get your recovery fully underway. When addiction is present, this step commonly leads to the onset of substance withdrawal. A supervised detox program helps you cope with withdrawal and reach a drug- or alcohol-free state. It also gives you extensive support for managing withdrawal side effects.

Southern Sky Recovery offers at-home detox services.


For many people, psychotherapy is synonymous with traditional psychoanalysis. But modern addiction therapy takes a wide variety of forms. Generally speaking, therapy today is more active than it was in decades past. It aims to make positive changes in your everyday behaviors, thoughts, and emotional outlook. In turn, these changes help you:

  • Spot personal habits that harm you rather than support your sobriety
  • Alter these habits in ways that benefit your short- and long-term recovery
  • Develop an effective strategy for handling the unavoidable stresses on your sobriety

Whether you have drug or alcohol problems, you can take advantage of one or more kinds of therapy. Specific options vary. But the most broadly used choices include:

These therapies are selected on a person-by-person basis.


Medication use at a Savannah drug rehab center typically occurs in the context of medication-assisted treatment (MAT). This approach pairs various medication options with various kinds of psychotherapy. As a rule, it’s used to help people with opioid problems. However, medication use for other forms of drug addiction is not consistent. But MAT is commonly used in alcoholism treatment. This means that you’ll likely receive it at a Savannah alcohol treatment center. 

For more information on detox and active substance treatment in Savannah rehab programs, talk to the experts at Southern Sky Recovery. We have the expertise needed to provide you with comprehensive guidance and advice. 

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Like communities throughout the U.S. and Georgia, Savannah is substantially impacted by drug and alcohol problems. If you or your loved one are among those affected, you need treatment by a qualified provider. This is the best possible option for bringing an end to uncontrolled drinking and drug use. It’s also the surest way to learn how to create a new routine that’s free from further substance intake.

At Southern Sky Recovery, we prioritize outpatient addiction treatment. Our goal is to provide the help you need while still enabling you to fulfill your daily responsibilities. The end result is customized treatment that adapts to the requirements of your life and situation. Begin your recovery with onsite, outpatient detox. Then keep it going by enrolling in active rehab programs that provide up to 20 or more hours of weekly care. Start your sobriety journey today by contacting us via phone or our online information form. You can also schedule a tour of our facilities.