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The fact that you are reading this blog about how therapy can help in addiction treatment is a significantly important step, even if it seems a small one to you. It means you are thinking about getting help for your substance abuse. Kicking a drug or alcohol habit is no easy task, but it is made easier by addiction counseling, which is considered foundational to successful rehab. Addiction therapy programs in Bluffton at Southern Sky Recovery can provide you with evidence-based psychotherapy treatments that will make a profound difference in your long-term recovery.

Find out what Southern Sky has to offer. Seeking therapy for addiction is the first step in the recovery process. With therapy at the heart of rehab treatment and other supportive modalities to provide additional skills, tools, and understanding, you will be in good hands at Southern Sky. Call 843.350.5769 today to speak to one of our therapists or simply fill out our online form to connect.

Why is Therapy for Addiction Important?

When detox is over, your body may no longer be physically dependent on alcohol or drugs. Still, cravings are a complex mixture of longing for a remembered euphoria, discomfort with a new reality seen without the veil of intoxication, and a system of beliefs, fears, and thoughts that keep you trapped in the mindset of addiction.

The risk of relapse is significant for a long time after you stop using. Environmental, emotional, and social triggers can and will challenge your sobriety. How can you learn to cope with those triggers?

Addiction counseling helps you turn your old thinking on its head, manage stress, and either avoid triggers or process them without using drugs or alcohol. It provides a lifeline that you can count on as you navigate the choppy waters of your early recovery.

Once you are discharged from rehab, you can continue seeing a therapist to maintain an even keel moving forward – for as long as you feel the need.

The Benefits of Addiction Counseling

Some of the benefits of psychotherapy for addiction include:

  • Learning how to cope–Your therapist can focus on helping you develop strategies to read your internal warning system, including recognizing the stressors that will most challenge your sobriety, utilizing alternative responses to those stressors (instead of drugs or alcohol), and coping with the complex and ever-changing emotions that often arise in quick succession during the first month or two of rehab.
  • Developing trust–One of the casualties of addiction is trust. The ability to trust others and yourself while being trusted by those who once did so implicitly, including family and close friends, is a loss. In a one-on-one therapeutic relationship that is working, you learn to trust another person who has your best interests at heart. Navigating therapy with an open heart and from a place of confidence in another person can be essential as you rebuild your personal relationships.
  • Being honest–A good therapist will call you on it when you misrepresent, deny, or refuse to face the truth. Addiction is no friend to honesty and honor. People lie and steal in the grip of addiction to maintain their habit. A fully transparent therapeutic relationship where you learn vulnerability and truth-telling can be a life-changer.
  • Feeling supported–Your addiction counselor will have your back, no matter what. You may have felt there was no one you could turn to in the depths of your struggle with addiction. When you start therapy for addiction, you will realize that someone without an agenda or history cares deeply and is there to help you get better. You are no longer alone.

Addiction Therapy Programs in Bluffton, SC, at Southern Sky Recovery

At Southern Sky, we offer a range of therapies that your addiction counselor may use in your therapy sessions. Among them are cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT). Your therapist can also treat any co-occurring mental health disorders with dual diagnosis treatment.

Learn more about how addiction counseling can help you. Reach out to Southern Sky Recovery today. Use our easy online form or call us at 843.350.5769.

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