What is the Role of a Professional Drug Interventionist?

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Substance addiction is a cognitive disease that impairs functioning. It denies its users a healthy life and configures the mind to make rash decisions that ultimately disrupt their quality of life. As a result, persons living with substance addiction find it difficult to make the right decisions for themselves. A drug intervention is needed to help the individual understand their current predicament and suggest ways to overcome the situation. Unfortunately, not all interventions are successful. One of the reasons is due to the absence of a professional drug interventionist. 

The role of a professional drug interventionist cannot be overemphasized. They help in organizing an intervention, ensuring it’s appropriately conducted. A poorly organized intervention can defeat the objective of setting up the meeting.

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Who Are Drug Interventionists?

A drug interventionist is a certified person who guides people on how to set up an intervention. Interventionists are licensed to offer counseling and therapy services, including how to organize an intervention. An interventionist plans an intervention. They usually work with the patient, family, and friends to ensure no errors are made during the planning process.

The main objective of an interventionist is to successfully persuade the individual with addiction to get treatment. They determine how best to convince the individual and the family that rehab is the best option. If this goal is defeated, the setback will be colossal. That’s why a certified interventionist must learn everything about the individual before deciding the style of approach to use.

Note that a drug interventionist and a therapist are two different terms. A therapist could step in without a drug interventionist if they possess the required certifications, such as Certified Intervention Professional (CIP) and liability insurance. However, their primary job isn’t to organize an intervention. That duty is left to an interventionist.

Why Are Drug Interventionists Important?

A family will find it extremely difficult to conduct an intervention without an addiction specialist. The National Institutes of Health states that over 10% of American adults have experienced substance abuse. People with addiction problems believe an opinionated assessment from an expert in the addiction field is enough to determine the course of action – whether to pursue treatment or not. Otherwise, whatever is discussed in the intervention will likely fall on deaf ears.

Several mistakes are made during an intervention, all caused by the absence of a drug interventionist. People who deem interventionists non-essential have no training or experience to set up an intervention. Eventually, the meeting becomes a disaster. Drug interventionists avoid mistakes as much as possible and ensure the process goes smoothly.

Substance abuse interventionists create a supportive environment that encourages healthy conversations between them and those involved in the intervention, including individuals with addiction issues. They discuss the treatment options and requirements and provide guidance, thus increasing the person’s chances of enrolling in a rehab program. Their expertise cushions the effects of substance abuse on the family, as well as helps them navigate the hurdles of addiction.

Before the intervention, the interventionist ensures the conversation is non-confrontational. Blaming is common in interventions and can complicate matters for the individual with addiction. An interventionist ensures the meeting stays on track without letting emotions get the better of everyone.

How to Choose a Drug Interventionist

Now that you know the role of a professional drug interventionist, choosing the right one may seem daunting. It isn’t due to the options available; you may not know if they possess the proper credentials or capabilities to set up an intervention. Here is what to do if you’re on the lookout for an interventionist;

  • Find an interventionist that is attentive to details and comfortable talking to.
  • Ensure they listen to you.
  • Check their certifications before choosing. Not all interventionists are certified.
  • Request for references from previous clients.
  • Inquire if they have successfully organized an intervention before.
  • Ask about their approach and ensure they are with you throughout the planning process until the individual is admitted into the hospital.

Southern Sky Recovery Interventionists Can Help You With an Intervention

Organizing an intervention is challenging, and drug interventionists can relieve you of some of the pressure. Unfortunately, they are not as readily accessible as other medical professionals. Only a handful of rehab treatment centers offer professional interventionist services.

The excellent news is Southern Sky Recovery has certified drug interventionists who can help you with your intervention. Our compassionate and experienced interventionists work directly with patients and their families to ensure a successful intervention. 

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