What is Intensive Peer Recovery?

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Addiction is a disease that affects people of all ages, races, colors, ethnicities, and genders. Even those who have never had to deal with addiction are likely aware of rehab’s role in addiction. Rehab is incredibly important for long-term recovery from addiction, but one thing that gets overlooked in the recovery process is the role of support groups and alternative treatment programs. 

Addiction is a long-term journey and it takes many components to get a person from being addicted to sober and keep them there for the rest of their life. That’s why we believe at Southern Sky Recovery that having additional support and resources is important to the full process of recovery. Intensive peer recovery is one of the most effective support types for recovery and one that we offer to our clients as a way to improve their odds of staying sober once treatment has ended. 

As a cutting-edge drug and alcohol addiction treatment center in Bluffton, South Carolina, we treat clients with all manner of addictions and our primary aim is not just to get them sober, but to prepare them for a life free of addiction. 

How Does Peer Recovery Support Work and What is Intensive Peer Recovery? 

One of the hardest parts of the recovery process is the transition from being in treatment to going back to a normal life without drugs or alcohol. Even with treatment, there are many reasons why a person may end up relapsing or struggling to maintain their sobriety. This is why support programs are important. You’ve likely heard of a variety of different support programs such as sober living homes and 12-step programs

One type of program you may not have heard of is intensive peer recovery. This combines support with case management to make for a more comprehensive type of assistance with maintaining sobriety. This type of support serves two purposes. Firstly, peer support groups give recovering addicts somewhere to go where they can be with people who have similar struggles or have been through some of the same things and are still on their road to recovery. This is what is meant by peers. 

Second, case management, or in this case, peer case management, assigns a person with a similar addiction history to help manage the recovery of a person just out of treatment. This is similar to the mentorship program that is used as part of some 12-step programs with the direct goal of keeping those in recovery on track with their goals and holding them accountable for their actions. 

Finding the right support groups is a key part of the recovery process. If you’re interested in what to do after treatment ends, talk with one of our staff members here at Southern Sky Recovery about how our outpatient rehab in Bluffton can help. 

How to Find Peer Support Services That Work For You

The first step to recovery is always admitting that you have a problem. From there, the treatment process can begin. Before you even exit treatment, you want to make sure that you have your follow-up care and support groups picked out so that you can smoothly transition and continue your recovery. 

Finding the right peer support group is as simple as talking with your counselors at Southern Sky Recovery. We always want to continue our clients’ sobriety and are ready to help with finding the resources they need to be successful. A treatment center’s goal should always be to help facilitate the long-term recovery of its clients. Based on the results of their treatment and individual needs, we will always try to match clients with the support services that will work for them. 

Let Southern Sky Recovery Find the Peer Support You Need 

It can be a struggle just to get treatment for your addiction, but once you start, it’s important to continue until you have all the skills you need to live a sober life. This is why so many people need continued support even after treatment ends. 

Support from peer groups is so effective because peers know what you are going through and they know how to overcome the same roadblocks that you may face in your journey. Not only that, but support from someone who has been through similar things can sometimes mean more than treatment alone. Don’t let a lack of support keep you from beating your addiction. Let Southern Sky Recovery and our range of treatment programs help you. We have programs for alcohol addiction and specific drug addiction programs. If you’re having trouble convincing your loved one they need help, we also offer intervention services. 

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