The Benefits of Partial Hospitalization for Addiction

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Substance use disorder treatment, from inpatient detox to alumni care, exists on a continuum. For many participants, a partial hospitalization program (PHP) is an important step on the treatment continuum. Often used to transition out of inpatient or residential treatment, PHPs provide a combination of support and freedom for people in early recovery. They tend to be the most structured types of outpatient programs, with a high level of medical and mental health care. They are ideal for clients who don’t need inpatient treatment but want an extra level of guidance.

What Is a Partial Hospitalization Program?

A PHP is a form of outpatient treatment where clients visit the treatment center during the day but go home at night. Each day, clients spend several hours in therapy and counseling programs and receive medical care. They may attend the program five days a week, similar to working hours.

Treatment focuses on symptoms of addiction and mental health. Doctors, nurses, and counselors monitor the clients’ symptoms and progress each day. However, clients are not required to stay overnight or have 24-hour supervision.

Who Qualifies for Partial Hospitalization?

PHPs are best for clients who need extensive treatment for substance use disorders but do not need round-the-clock monitoring. Here are some signs you or someone you love may be a good candidate for a PHP:

  • You have a dual diagnosis, or a substance use disorder and a mental health condition
  • You’ve completed a medical detox or residential program for substance abuse
  • You require ongoing medical care or psychiatric care, but your needs don’t require urgent care or 24-hour monitoring
  • You have relapsed after attending another treatment program
  • You are able and willing to participate in therapy
  • You have a safe, stable living space and social support

Services Partial Hospitalization Programs Offer

Medication management is an important benefit of PHPs. If medication is part of a client’s treatment plan, doctors will keep tabs on their medical needs and make any necessary adjustments to their medication or dosages. Sometimes it takes a while to find the right medicine or combination of medicines, and partial hospitalization gives clients time to get their treatment just right.

Behavioral therapy is another component of the program. Usually, clients will participate in both individual and group therapy. Through individual counseling, clients set treatment goals and learn how to address their unique substance use triggers. Through group therapy, clients can build supportive social networks within the program. Specific therapeutic approaches that may be used in treatment include dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), which helps participants manage overwhelming emotions, and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), which teaches participants how to change their behaviors by changing their thoughts.

PHP treatment may also include:

  • Fitness coaching
  • Meals and nutritional counseling
  • Education about the nature of addiction
  • Relapse prevention planning
  • Recreational activities

These and other aspects of treatment address the physical and mental changes that can happen in recovery.

Benefits of PHPs for Substance Use Disorders

PHPs provide convenience and flexibility along with a high level of care. You can still attend a PHP if you have work, school, or family obligations to meet during the day or evening. Many participants in PHPs can still generate income and support themselves while attending the program. This arrangement works well for clients who want the support of structured treatment but also want to maintain responsibilities in their everyday life.

The structure is another benefit of PHPs. Structure is vital for people with significant mental health symptoms. Attending programs at the same time every day provides stability and routine, which keep people focused and help them transition into sober lives.

A daily program also provides socialization, which can be a crucial factor in recovery. Participants build strong relationships and encourage one another to maintain sobriety and achieve other goals. These relationships often last long after the program ends.

Southern Sky Recovery Offers Partial Hospitalization

Leaving inpatient treatment can be scary and destabilizing. For clients in recovery who want the stability of a routine and a treatment program designed for their needs, Southern Sky Recovery has a PHP where treatment is grounded in empathy. The partial hospitalization program is our most intense level of outpatient treatment, providing accountability and structure to keep your recovery on track.

Whether you’re transitioning out of a residential program or looking for something more supportive than a typical outpatient program, our PHP may be just right for you. Call 843.350.5769 or contact us online to learn more.

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