5 Benefits of Outpatient Rehab

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Alcohol addiction is a significant problem across the globe. Though alcohol is normalized in every society as an acceptable way to celebrate, conduct religious ceremonies, and relax. And yet alcohol is a highly addictive substance. What makes some people more vulnerable to alcoholism than others is the subject of ongoing research and inquiry. Meanwhile, many people who find themselves physically dependent on alcohol need to find professional support. If you are interested in either a regular or intensive outpatient program in Bluffton, SC, contact Southern Sky Recovery today.

At Southern Sky, we offer evidence-based treatment not just for alcohol use disorder but all drug use disorders. If you want to learn more about the benefits of outpatient rehab, reach out today by calling 843.350.5769 or using our online form. We look forward to helping you.

Outpatient Alcohol Rehab

Alcohol or drug treatment in a professional rehab program can be a real game-changer for those who seek recovery. If you or someone you love shows signs of addiction to alcohol or drugs, consider the various rehab options that allow you to return home at night.

The following are three options open to you on the outpatient rehab path.

  • Outpatient programs–These are part-time rehab programs that allow you to continue working, attending school, and meeting life’s obligations. (5-6 hours per week)
  • Intensive outpatient programs (IOP)–An IOP takes more time each week and has a longer duration than a low-intensity outpatient program. You need to make adjustments to your outside commitments to ensure the time required by your IOP. (15-20 hours per week)
  • Partial hospitalization program (PHP)–This outpatient option demands the most time but offers the greatest levels of accountability and support. You spend much of each day in the treatment center. (25-30 hours per week)

The Benefits of Outpatient Rehab

More than 14,000 addiction treatment centers in the US are attended by upwards of 4 million people every year. We know that number is less than a third of those who suffer from addiction and could benefit from rehab. At Southern Sky, our goal is to make addiction treatment available to those who need it.

Outpatient rehab works. Five of the most significant benefits of this treatment option are listed here.

  1. The love of family–When your family and friends are 100% behind your sobriety goals and support your decision to enter rehab, nothing beats their love and support. We realize that not everyone has family and friends who can provide the support needed. If drinking or drug use was something you did with your friends and family, they might not be ready to recognize the problems, even though you are. But try reaching out to the people you may have left behind when gripped by addiction. Chances are they will be ready to welcome you back and embrace you and your recovery journey. If so, they’ll be there with you at each step as you navigate an outpatient program.
  2. The comfort of home–A place can be as important as people. The familiar, comforting aspects of home can also act as a kind of support. Sleeping in your own bed and being surrounded by things that comfort you–whatever those might be–a favorite chair, your particular brand of coffee, or your Pearl Jam memorabilia – can help you navigate the rehab period.
  3. The consistency of work–Your employment may be affected slightly depending on what kind of outpatient rehab program you choose and qualify for. Still, you can maintain a work schedule, links to colleagues, and benefit from the sense of empowerment and efficacy that keeping up with work can provide. It also means you can earn income while you heal.
  4. Recovery in two worlds – You walk two worlds when undergoing outpatient rehab, one in the addiction treatment center and one outside, at home and work, between sessions. While in outpatient rehab, you will be supported as you find resources outside the rehab setting to provide a seamless transition from rehab to post-rehab sober living. You will practice the skills you learn in treatment when you leave the rehab center each day – confirming in yourself the knowledge that you can walk the path of recovery in your daily life. You know that the next day you can process any challenges you face outside rehab with your counselors to manage even better next time.
  5. The benefit of affordability – Rehab costs can range widely. However, outpatient rehab is almost always significantly more affordable than inpatient options because there are no room and board costs. For example, the cost of a 30-day inpatient program can be three to four times higher than that of a three-month outpatient rehab. Insurance covers many rehab programs, but if you have out-of-pocket expenses or are under-or uninsured, the cost-benefit of outpatient rehab cannot be overlooked.

Southern Sky Recovery Offers Outpatient Rehab in Bluffton

We stand behind our evidence-based treatments and our experienced staff. More people benefit from outpatient rehab at Southern Sky and across the country every day. Let us help you find the rehab to suit your needs. Whether you need an intensive outpatient program in Bluffton, regular outpatient rehab, or a partial hospitalization program, we can help. Call 843.350.5769 or use our online form today.

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