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Benzo Addiction Treatment Program

Benzodiazepines, or benzos, are tranquilizing drugs with highly addictive properties. Though these drugs are effective at treating anxiety and other conditions, they can lead to addiction and life-threatening side effects when misused. People who abuse benzos may experience problems with work, school, relationships, and financial difficulties. 

If benzos have negatively impacted your life, Southern Sky Recovery’s substance abuse treatment program in Bluffton, SC, can help you. Call us today at 843.350.5769 for more information about how we can help you overcome addiction and live a healthy, happy life.

How Does Benzodiazepine Addiction Start? 

Commonly used benzos include Xanax, Valium, Klonopin, Ativan, and Librium. They have sedating, calming effects on the nervous system and can relax muscles. Benzos also create a surge of dopamine, the brain chemical responsible for pleasure. When the brain floods with unregulated amounts of this “feel-good” chemical, benzo users may be compelled to take more medication. 

Over time, benzos become habit-forming. People who have benzodiazepine addiction may indeed need these drugs to function once they are addicted. Their tolerance will increase, so they’ll need higher doses to get their desired effects. This can lead to an accidental overdose. 

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Signs You Need Benzo Addiction Treatment 

The warning signs that someone may have a benzodiazepine addiction include: 

  • Taking more benzos than prescribed 
  • Using benzo prescriptions written for someone else 
  • Experiencing cravings or withdrawal symptoms when not using benzos 
  • Drinking alcohol while taking benzos 
  • Obtaining benzos without a prescription 
  • Spending a lot of time obtaining benzos

Misuse of benzos can also lead to unpleasant physical symptoms:

  • Lack of coordination 
  • Slurred speech 
  • Drowsiness 
  • Confusion and impaired memory 
  • Slowed breathing 
  • Gastrointestinal problems 
  • Nausea or vomiting 

Even low to moderate benzo doses can cause some of these symptoms. If you notice any symptoms of benzodiazepine addiction in your behavior or the behavior of someone you love, benzo rehab is the safest place to get treatment. 

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We are an in-network provider with Cigna & Blue Cross Blue Shield, meaning up to 100% of the costs associated with treatment at our program.

The First Step to Recovery

The first step in benzo addiction treatment is detox which will help the patient to overcome withdrawal symptoms. Medically-supervised detox is always recommended for people addicted to drugs or alcohol, as it can be dangerous to try to detox on your own. Withdrawal symptoms from benzos can include anxiety, insomnia, and seizures, which is why detox should always be done in a safe and monitored environment. While each situation is different, detox can last anywhere from a few days to a week.

After detox, you’ll begin the second phase of a treatment plan tailored to your needs. This may include therapy, medication, and other treatments. At Southern Sky, we believe in a holistic approach to addiction treatment, which means we treat the whole person. We will create a plan for you that considers your physical, mental, and emotional needs to help you achieve long-term recovery.

Long Term Recovery in Benzo Rehab 

In benzo rehab, you will undergo treatment for as long as necessary to achieve long-term recovery. This may be anywhere from 30 to 90 days or even longer. You will receive therapy and counseling to help you identify and change the behaviors that led to your addiction.

Counseling at a benzo rehab helps you: 

  • Treat underlying trauma 
  • Identify the factors contributing to your substance abuse 
  • Manage any mental health conditions you have 
  • Practice effective coping mechanisms
  • Learn relapse prevention strategies 
  • Engage with supportive peers in recovery

Since benzos are often prescribed for anxiety, many people with benzo addictions also have chronic or severe anxiety. Therapy with trained, empathetic mental health professionals can help you discover healthy ways to handle your anxiety without relying on addictive medications. 


After you leave a benzo addiction treatment program, you’ll remain connected to aftercare programming. You might continue individual counseling, attend 12-step meetings, or participate in sober recreational activities. Recovery is a long-term project, and a good benzo rehab will help you every step of the way. 

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If you are seeking help with your benzo use, consider finding treatment at Southern Sky Recovery. Whichever stage of recovery you’re in, our programs offer individualized treatment that meets you where you are. Call 843.350.5769 or get in touch online today to learn more about how our substance abuse treatment program can help.